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Medical Card Dental Patients

If you are a holder of a current medical card you are entitled to a Free Dental Check Up and 2 Emergency Fillings in any single year from the 1st January to the 31st December.
Other treatments such as Dentures and Root Canal Treatments on your front teeth will require approval from the HSE by your Medical Card Dentist.
Our Medical Card Dentist will explain this to you on your visit.
We offer 10% discount on our private fees for Medical Card Dental Patients for any treatments that are not covered or approved by the HSE

PRSI Dental Benefits

PRSI patients are entitled to 1 Examination a year from the date of their last Examination that was claimed from the Department.
All other treatments must be paid for by the patient.
You will be advised of all your treatment fees after your teeth have been examined.

MED 2 Form Dental Tax Relief

In Ireland, taxpayers can obtain tax relief of 20% of the cost for specific dental treatments to family members. To claim this relief, you must file a Med 2 Form along with your regular tax return.
We will advise you if any of your treatment qualifies for tax relief.

Download the Med 2 Form here

Dental Payment Plan

To enable patients to care for their teeth on a regular basis and to spread the cost of more expensive courses of treatments such as Root Canal Treatment, Crowns, Bridges and Implants we have introduced the following Dental Payment Plan at both Park Clinic and Knocklyon dental surgeries.

For agreed Outstanding Accounts, we will charge an agreed monthly amount to your Credit Card until your account is settled. The minimum amount must exceed €100.00 per calendar month and is limited to 12 calender months maximum.