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Our Fees

Our fees are as low as possible during these tough times and we have great discounts available on many of the dental options we provide. They do not reflect specialists fees for prosthodontic and paediatric treatments where a specific quote will be given by them for extensive treatments. Discounts are advised in our Special Offers.
Examination / Consultation
Adult Examination (Includes a free oral cancer screening) €35.00
Child Examination €25.00
Consultation by Paediatric Dentist €100.00
Orthodontic and Oral Surgeon’s Consultation €150.00
Implant Consultation (1/2 Hour) €100.00
2 Bite Wings €50.00
1 Peri-apical €30.00
OPG €60.00
Lateral Ceph €60.00
3D Cone Beam Scan
Routine Scale and Polish €65.00
Children Scale and Polish €45.00
Hygienist Routine Cleaning  (1/2Hour) €60.00
Root Planing Per Quadrant (Severe Cases) €150.00
Root Planing Per Side €180.00
Teeth Whitening / Bleaching
Home Bleach Refill €60
Hygienist Cleaning and Home Bleach Refill €120.00
Home Bleaching Trays + Bleaching Gel €200.00
Composite (White) Fillings 
Tiny Composite €60.00
Very Small €80.00
Small €95.00
Medium €125.00
Medium / Large €140.00
Large €160.00
Very Large €200.00
Amalgam (Black) Fillings
Very Large Amalgam only €180.00
Children: Composite (White) Fillings
All Deciduous (BabyTeeth) €80.00
Fillings / Stainless Steel Crowns by Paediatric Dentist By Quote
Fissure Sealants €45.00
Pin Retained Filling
1 Pin €60.00
2 Pins €90.00
1 or 2 Teeth  (Price per Tooth) €100.00
3 + Teeth (Price per Tooth in 1 Visit) €80.00
Deciduous (Baby) Tooth €80.00
Surgical Extraction by Oral Surgeon
Wisdom Teeth €200.00 (Upper Arch)€250.00 (Lower Arch)€700.00 (All), €150.00  (Sedation)
Impacted Canine (Excluding Insurance Fee) €300.00
Apicectomy (Excluding Insurancde Fee) €300.00
Bone Graft By Quote
Sinus Lift By Quote
Root Canal Treatments
Open Drainage €120.00
Anterior (1 Root) €450.00
Premolar (1 Root) €500.00
Premolar (2 Roots) €550.00
Molar (3 Roots +) €700.00
Partial Acrylic (1 to 6 Teeth) €650.00
Partial Acrylic (7  + Teeth) €800.00
Partial Chrome Cobalt €1200.00
Full Upper Denture (Acrylic) €1200.00
Full Lower Denture (Acrylic) €1100.00
Full Upper and Full Lower Dentures €2200.00
Full Upper Chrome Cobalt Denture €1800.00
Implant Retained Upper Denture ( 4 Implants) €5500.00
Implant Retained Lower Denture ( 2 Implants) €4500.00
Crowns / Bridges
Veneers €500.00
Porcelain Jacket Crown €650.00
Trilite Jacket Crown ( Posterior Teeth ) €700.00
Procera AllCeram Jacket Crown ( Anterior Teeth ) €850.00
Post & Core of Cast Gold €300.00
Zirlite Ceramic Bridges Per Unit €700.00
Maryland Bridge €1000.00

Implant Conultation + 3D Cone Beam Scan

Single Implant 1st Stage (Placement By Specialist)  €1100.00
Multiple Implant 1st Stage (Multiple Placement By Specialist) €1000.00
Single Implant 2nd Stage (Abutment & Crown) €750.00
Multiple Implant 2nd Stage (Multiple Abutments+Crowns) €700.00
Single Implant Complete (as above) €1850.00
Multiple Implants Complete (as above) €1800.00
Orthodontics (Prices May Vary Depending On Individual Cases)
Single Arch Braces (Upper or Lower only) €2800.00
Ceramic (Clear) Brackets Single Arch €3000.00
2 Arch Braces (Upper and Lower) €4200.00
2 Arch Ceramic (Clear) [Upper and Lower] €4500.00
Invisalign Full €6000.00
Invisaligh Lite €3000.00
Simply 5  €2000.00 Plus
Gum Shield (Laboratory Made) €120.00
Protective Night Splint €250.00

Some fees may vary when treated by a specialist dentist and you will be advised at the time your treatment plan  is finalised.   
In Ireland, taxpayers can obtain tax relief for specific treatments of family members. To claim this relief, a taxpayer files a Med 2 Form along with his or her regular tax return.
We will advise you if any of your treatment qualifies for tax relief.

To book an appointment please contact:
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