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Cosmetic Braces

If you are considering having dental braces fitted there are many options that you can consider. In addition to traditional metal braces (known to many as ‘train tracks’!) you can now choose from the many newer types of Orthodontic treatments, including Self-ligating brackets, Lingual braces, Ceramic braces and Invisalign retainers.

At Park Clinic Dental our specialist Orthodontists can advice you which of the many options available are best suited to your particular case. With many years experienced fitting braces for adults as well as younger patients we can help you to achieve a beautiful, natural looking smile.

The factors that will influence the type of braces your Orthodontist will recommend include:

  • The scope of necessary treatment, including
  • The severity of the bite or misalignment problems
  • Whether tooth or teeth extractions are necessary
  • Whether jaw surgery is needed
  • Whether headgear or other special Orthodontic appliances are necessary
  • The duration for which you will need to wear braces
  • Your budget
  • Your personal preferences, for example whether you are happy to wear traditional metal brackets, or if you would prefer a more discreet, removable option such as Invisalign.

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