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About Us

About Park Clinic Dental, your number one Dublin dentist

Our aim at the Park Clinic Dental and Knocklyon Dental is to provide you with a Complete Dental Service under one roof. With our staff of highly qualified specialists across all fields of dentistry, we can provide you with an expert opinion for any dental condition without referral to other surgeries or clinics.

Types of Treatment

We have specialists in all fields of dentistry available to treat your requirements under the one roof including Dental Examinations, X-rays, Cleaning, Fillings, Extractions, Root Treatments, Dentures, Crown and Bridge, Implants, Tooth Whitening, and Orthodontics.

Emergency Treatment

We provide an Emergency Dental Service. People in pain and accident victims will be seen as soon as possible and we try to give them priority. Please call as early as possible to ensure prompt treatment.

Booking a Dental Appointment

We hold morning, afternoon and evening surgeries.

Please make an appointment with the receptionists and do let us know if you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. Routine appointments will be taken up to 7.30p.m. and only emergencies will be catered for after this time.

Certain situations call for more time with your dentist (e.g. crown and bridge preparation, root canal treatment etc.) so, wherever possible, please let the receptionist know a little about the nature of your appointment if you think you may need extra time.

We are aware of the need to avoid delays but sometimes the nature of general practice makes the occasional delay unavoidable. Please be patient.

Park Clinic Dental: Tel. 2853666
Knocklyon Dental: Tel. 4936909

Private Patients

PRSI ( Social Welfare) Patients

PRSI (Social Welfare) Patients are entitled to 1 Examination only per annum. Patients should ensure that they are covered by Social Welfare by phoning them on 1890 400400 Ex. 4480 or 01 8786444 before their consultation. Alternatively, give your PRSI Number to our receptionist on duty when making your appointment and we will check for you before you arrive for your appointment.

Medical Card Patients

Our practice includes dentists registered with the HSE to see Medical Card Dental Patients. The receptionist on duty will advise you when you call.

Disabled Patients

Our practice has been designed for wheelchair access.


Special care and attention are given to children to ensure that their visit is an enjoyable experience. Children from the age of 3 and onwards are advised to attend on a regular basis to make their early experiences at the dentist a pleasurable one and eliminate their fears when they become older.

Disabled Patients

Our practice has been designed for wheelchair access.