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6 Month Braces

6 Month Braces

6 month braces are a less invasive orthodontic treatment designed to treat just the front 6 teeth. Popular for their ability to achieve a great smile in a matter of months with minimal disruption to your bite, they are a great option for suitable candidates. They can be accompanied by clear braces to provide a less invasive, discreet and speedy path to the smile you always dreamed of.

Please note, in cases where it is necessary to change the bite or move the back teeth we recommend the use of conventional braces.

How can it be done in 6 months?

6 Month Braces do not alter the bite or move the position of the back teeth. They are a cosmetic procedure that used the latest dental technology to improve the appearance of your smile by moving your teeth quickly and safely.

Is it possible to have just the upper or lower teeth treated?

Yes, 6 Month Braces can be fitted to either the upper or lower teeth if you so wish. Should you choose clear braces a very discrete result can be achieved.

How often will I have to visit the Orthodontist?

Appointments for 6 Month Braces are normally every 4 weeks and take from 30-60 minutes. The appointment when your braces are fitted may take a little longer. In most cases the treatment is completed in 10 visits or less.

Are 6 Month Braces more painful than regular braces?

No, as 6 Month Braces use a low force technique to move the teeth comfortably you will have no more discomfort than with regular braces. While some patients believe that 6 Month Braces are simply tightened more often in order to move the teeth, this would in face slow down tooth movement.

Will six month braces damage my teeth, roots, or gums?

No, the Six Month Braces Technique utilises low force combined with a short treatment duration to safely and effectively move the teeth into a straightened position.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

As with with any Orthodontic procedure you will need to wear a retainer to reduce the chances of relapse and achieve the optimal result. In many cases it is possible to fit a fixed retainer to ensure the teeth remain in the straightened position.

To book a consultation for 6 Month Braces, contact our specialist Orthodontists, Dr Ebrahim Al-Awadhi and Dr. Aidan Redahan on:
Park Clinic Dental 01 2853666
Knocklyon Dental 01 4936909

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